Building of DUCT MANUAL


ImageIn this phase, the perimeter of the single piece that will compose the finished duct (linear or fitting), after cutting and assembly, is plotted on the panel.


ImageUsing the appropriate tools (manual or automatic) in this phase, the single pieces to be used in the fabrication of the duct are cut from the panel.


ImageIn this phase (required only for the production of duct fittings), indentations are applied to the piece of panel allowing the panel to be adapted to the shapes of the finished duct.


ImageDuring gluing, all the pieces produced above are assembled with the use of special glues and the finished duct takes shape.

Closing, Taping, and Sealing

ImageImageImage In this phase, the duct is trimmed and finished through pressing and taping and sealed using silicon on the interior angle.

Accessories application

Image Using specific tools and glues, the section bars required are applied to the finished duct. When the duct is installed, these section bars permit easy connection of the single pieces for the completion of the air distribution system.